Valentines and Sheridans

The wife switch marathon continues with the Valentines and the Sheridans. This is the great thing about these young couples to actually enjoy banging another guy’s wife while he nails his wife. Not everyone is cut for this so although it might look easy it really isn’t. Like we said earlier both couples are young and ready to experiment as much as possible in the sack. The Valentines visited the Sheridans for their usual night games but things got a lot more interesting by the end of the night. It was weird once it started for all of them, seeing you husband or wife with another person right there next to you. If you enjoy this scene you gotta check out the nasty babes from getting fucked in the hottest scenes. You might think that this might’ve been easier that they know one another, but that actually made it a bit harder at first to overpass.

Once they got things started we knew that this was going to be a great one. Seeing those hot chicks blowing dicks and getting their pussies pounded while their significant other was busy doing the same thing. Not a bad party, maybe we’ll get an invite for the next one as well, who knows? Hope you guys liked it and we’ll see you next time with more wife switching scenes so stay tuned because we got a lot of things prepared for you.

Valentines and Sheridans

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The Ryans and the Reeses

The Ryans and the Reeses have a lot of things in common specially that they like to fuck each other and swap partners. No wonder they become good friends soon after the Ryans moved in to the neighborhood. When Nick and his wife are paying them a welcome visit, Caroline recognizes the couple from a swinger site.

After she tells her husband about the hot couple who just stopped by to welcome them in the neighborhood, they decide to invite them to dinner. As you can imagine, they are going to do a lot more then having dinner and having a chat, because the horny wives start undressing and playing with each other, and then they swap partners and both babes get their wet pussy stuffed and fucked. If you like watching mature babes in hardcore sex scenes, go to and see some hot milfs getting all their holes stuffed by big cocks. Have fun1


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Kylie Ireland and Riley Shy

Wife switch is the place to go if you want to see some couples mixing it up a bit and going for the old switcheroo as they exchange partners for the afternoon. Today’s scene brings you the hot and sexy babes Kylie and Riley as the two horny red heads that kind of always fancied switching their men at least for one afternoon and have some nice and hard sexual fun. Well as you can see they finally did it and you get to see exactly what went down. So let’s get started and see the cuties in action!

The scene starts off with them as they whip out the guy’s cocks and you get to see them sucking and slurping on them with a passion. Take the time to see them having lots of fun enjoying those nice and big cocks and see them using those luscious lips to get the guys nice and hard for the sexy scene today. Then of course you get to see the babes getting their horny pussies slammed nice and hard, and you will see them moaning in pleasure at the hard style fuck that they get this nice and hot afternoon everyone!


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